Top Technology Trends for the Agriculture Industry in 2018

Top Technology Trends for the Agriculture Industry in 2018

Top Technology Trends for the Agriculture Industry in 2018

2018 has arrived, and with it technology continues to make big waves in the Ag/Farm industry.

The Ag/Farm Industry Continues to Move Online

Data shows:

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day.

– According to Google, farm and farm equipment search queries were up 14% in 2017 and clicks on the query results were up 23%.  Both significant jumps.

Placing your business in front of your customers online is becoming more and more competitive every day. 

Your competitors are buying ads in greater numbers.

-According to Google, the number of overall ads for Ag companies grew by 31% in 2017.

Be sure you’re highly ranked in Google and many of the other online places like Yelp, YP, Bing, Yahoo more when your customers look for your products online – fastfynd does just that.

The President Pushes to Expand High-Speed Internet in Rural America

According to a 2016 Federal Communications Commission report 39% of rural America lacks high-speed internet.  During the Presidents speech in Nashville on January 8 of this year the President made clear his commitment to improving that number.

“We need to get rural America more connected. We need it for our tractors, we need it for our schools, we need it for our home-based businesses,” a White House official told reporters ahead of Trump’s speech at the annual convention of the American Farm Bureau Federation.

The White House described the moves as an incremental step to help spur private development while the administration figures out what it can do to help with funding, something that could become part of Trump’s plan to invest in infrastructure according to a Reuters news report from January 8th.

Data Analysis for Farmers is Becoming More Important

According to Agweb, “Data analysis in the years ahead will supplement what farmers know intuitively—and in some cases challenge those assumptions. New products rely on aerial satellite imagery, greenness sensors, soil maps and millions of weather data points. The question of data ownership will be a subject of growing debate.” Proving again farmers need to be more connected than ever before.

The Use of Drone is Growing in Ag

Some big name companies such as CAT and John Deere are leading the way, in drone usage for their customers.  Drones are being used today to monitor crops and even spray crops with fertilizers and pesticides.


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