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Surround your target audience with the most appropriate and customized messages through their research, shopping and buying experiences.

Our SurroundSoundMarketing℠ suite includes services, techniques, processes, methodologies, and technologies to surround your target audience with your marketing messages and touchpoints to drive traffic to your website and social media portals.







i-Three SurroundSoundMarketing℠ starts with strategy. Your custom digital marketing strategy will be developed to optimize your marketing budget. Without a solid, integrated marketing strategy, individual efforts fall flat. The combination of each SurroundSoundMarketing℠ element for an integrated marketing solution amplifies the results of each individual tactic.

i-Three looks at your marketing needs and sales goals to develop the most appropriate mix of marketing, website design, technology and search engine optimization for your specific needs.


Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing work hand-in-hand to bring audiences to your website. The team of i-Three search specialists evaluates existing websites and makes sure that any new website design and content maximize the organic search and paid search capabilities for your desired keywords and geographies. Utilizing best practices and having certified Google Adwords specialists design your campaigns will have you at the top of search engine results pages.


Social media management can be a full-time job and is an important part of overall digital marketing strategies. i-Three is equipped to not only develop, but also manage these accounts and strategies for you. As your trusted advisor we’ll provide social media audits, strategy development and personalized management for your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.


Through the discovery of your key objectives, we’ll partner with you to design a website and social media accounts that stand out in the agriculture equipment marketplace. The i-Three design team knows this industry and knows how to set your brand apart online. Each website and social design project is unique and customized to the digital marketing goals and initiatives of each client – no templates here – only the most modern and mobile-responsive websites. The i-Three web development team monitors and updates each website to incorporate the latest technologies and optimizations for maximum performance.

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Precision targeting is made possible through our hyper-local capabilities and exclusive product offering.

The following products, and services are designed to direct those most interested in you or your products to the store nearest them in real-time.

Demographic Targeted Display Ads

Through our partnerships with BigReach and Farm Market ID, you’re able to target the exact profile of farmer that is most targeted to the products and services offered by your company. Customize the farm operation demographics to identify only those buyers that match your exact audience profiles.

IP Targeting

It doesn’t get any more local than targeting specific customers with banner ads while they’re at home. We know their IP address and their search history. You are able to localize their experience through your marketing messages in a banner ad campaign.


You can serve up impressions to mobile users that are in proximity to a specific event or address. Through a customized strategy, entice the qualified audience to a store or a booth, and maintain that audience for continued messaging after the event.

With multiple store locations, your website may not be optimized to show up in local and mobile device searches around each branch. With fastfynd™, individual store location specifics will be highlighted in three different areas on Google’s first page – GoogleMaps, Google ads, and first page listings.


Convert website visitors into sales leads. Engage potential buyers in real time. The i-Three RealTimeLeads℠ suite of lead conversion technologies lets your buyers, and your sales team, engage in conversations right through your website.





Capture past visitors’ Device ID from your locations or other points of interest to develop a uniquely qualified audience that can be reached not only on their mobile device, but also at their home through digital marketing and direct mail. Talking to this highly qualified targeted audience – that is only accessible through our technologies – through multiple media can increase response and lift campaign performance up to 40%.


RTL technologies seamlessly integrate with any website platform and other business systems like Google My Business, Google Analytics, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Marketplace, Inventory, CRM and Backoffice apps.


Engage the customers on your website in real-time and deliver the information they’re seeking or point them in the right direction.

We provide experts in building a personal connection with your visitors and capture contact information. By answering your visitors’ questions, we build trust which makes customers 4X more likely to leave their details. With HelpNow™ on both your site and on your individual equipment listings on our partner site,, you’ll receive an amplification of leads. Let us bring in a store in real-time for those chats where the interest has evolved to wanting a deal.

While banks are reviewing your customers, our partner is funding them. Currency’s Express Technology allows for a complete financial picture of your clients. They can be approved within 3 minutes at point-of-sale and funded immediately. Often times an equipment line of credit is funded at 350% of what is applied for, helping your customers to purchase additional equipment. Express will exist on your website as well as an in-store Kiosk.