Oct 08

How to Optimize Your Content for Local SEO

When it comes to getting your business found online, local SEO is more important than ever. There are a number of strategies you can employ to improve your local search rankings. These efforts include updating your business pages and getting your site listed in directories. But what many people overlook is how your content can affect your local search rankings. By considering local SEO when you write your content, you can dramatically increase your chances of getting ranking higher in search results. Here are three tips for optimizing your content for local SEO.

Add Local SEO Content Pages to Your Website

Creating individualized SEO content pages on your website can help you gain the attention of local customers. These pages incorporate city and/or state keywords within the unique content that will bring customers to you through a local search. By employing this technique, the pages that you have optimized for local SEO keywords will increase your chances of appearing in local search results. And because this content is focused on your customer’s local area it will be much more appealing and relevant to them.

Use Local Blog Content to Your Advantage

You may already have a blog on your company website, but it may not be taking advantage of using local optimized SEO content. Using your blog to reach customers in your local area can be done by localizing your content through the use of keywords. Or, you can dig a little deeper and focus your blog content on topics that are directly related to the city and/or state you are trying to reach. Think about the blog topics your customers are most interested in and find ways to use localize them to make them more visible during an online search. Local SEO content will often rank higher, especially if it is done frequently and effectively. This will increase your local search rankings and help your customers find your business with little to no effort.

Add Local Information to Your Website

You also have the opportunity to add local SEO content to your website in a number of different ways. By creating company announcements that are city and/or state specific, you can draw the attention of the reader to your website during a search. Try making all your company information specific to the region it applies to most. You can easily create a bevy of localized SEO content. Such optimized content includes new hire or position change announcements, new building locations, event updates, association involvement & customer recognition. Use keywords and make sure to keep it relevant to the area you are looking to target.


When you plan for local SEO, don’t forget to think about your website and blog content. By optimizing your content for local keywords you’ll give yourself an even better chance of ranking high in local search results. Plus, by making your content specific to your area, you’ll also make it more relevant to your customers.

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