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Give Help to your online farm equipment shoppers Now. Create customers from online shoppers.

Equipment Visibility

HelpNow offers a seamless interface with your inventory management systems. Our agents will have the most up to date information to drive meaningful conversations with live data.

Service Scheduler / Part Orders

Customers can quickly schedule service times with your service team through this online scheduling capability. Allow part orders at their fingertips for 24/7 access, and customer control…all adding to your profit line.

Equipment Comparisons

HelpNow gives agents a comparison feature to discuss and compare multiple items at once. This informed delivery of specs and details gives confidence to your customers and the right information to our agents.

Video Integration

Give your customers a full experience with site and sound. HelpNow integrates with both OEM and dealership video feeds to allow our agents to put relevant product, and how-to videos in front of customers for a more integrated conversation.

Direct Source

Through a direct connection with the OEM data, HelpNow gives agents the power to share direct source details about your equipment that is not available anywhere else in the industry.


When the time is right, and the lead is hot, our agents escalate the conversation directly to your managers or sales staff via any device, at any time. Agents activate the alert that permits your managers to review and enter the conversation.

Change to Text

When a customer prefers his or her mobile device over a desktop computer, the conversation can meet them there. Click to Text allows your customers to use their local SMS clients to engage with your store.

Live Tracking

Look back on shopping behavior of your online shoppers. When their activity is right, your message can be delivered, right then. HelpNow turns your online visitors into showroom buyers.

Facebook Integration

Link your dealership’s Facebook page with HelpNow to leverage and enhance the activity that’s already happening there. Your social conversations can how link directly into your CRM. Your friends become leads.