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fastfynd™ Industry knowledge built into a program proven to significantly boost your online traffic – leads – sales.

Local Search Visibility

fastfynd™ catapults your locations to the top of the local search results with targeted Online Ads

The fastfynd™ local search optimization program is hinged on making your business appear on Google Ads. As your business’s multiple locations get prime real estate on Google AdWords, this will:

  • Increase your search engine visibility by building on your organic and Google maps listings
  • Optimize each of your locations according to your offerings and specific audience segment’s location
  • Create targeted messages and calls to action (CTAs) to engage your target consumers
  • Leverage new features such as “click to call” buttons for mobile users

Local Listing Management

Make sure your customers find you wherever they use search

Your potential customers are out there looking for your products and services. At fastfynd™, our Local Listing Management services will ensure your business is visible wherever your customers use search. Whether it’s on Google, Bing, Yahoo, maps, apps, voice search, or social networks, fastfynd™ will ensure your local business appears across more than 50 important and relevant online locations. More importantly, we will make sure your listings are complete and accurate wherever your potential customers are searching.

Local Pages

Dominate the organic local search results with fastfynd™ Local Pages

To maximize your presence in the organic local search results, fastfynd™ will build unique Local Pages for all your business’s locations. Each Local Page will be built by our experienced team of search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, who have several years of combined experience building localized landing pages.

By using Local Pages, your website will:

  • Have localized web pages optimized for speed, conversions, and high search engine rankings
  • Emphasize the availability of your products and services to a local audience
  • Have the ability to scale with more pages should your product and service lineup grow
  • Have the choice of multiple templates for different design preferences


With fastfynd™ retargeting you stay top of mind for all visitors to your landing page. These valuable visitors found your landing page through fastfynd marketing and we want them to come back to generate the lead and make the close.

After the visitor leaves the landing page we show the retargeting ad to them as they go to other sites throughout the web, driving them back to your landing page. Frequently these visitors to the landing page represent new customers and new business opportunities. Let’s cultivate them into new customers.

Call Tracking

With fastfynd™ our call tracking application provides insight into every phone call made through the dedicated phone number provided across the fastfynd platform.

Know hot leads

  • Determine effectiveness of promotions
  • Learn how to engage effectively
  • Forecast inventory demand

Analytics and Reports

Track and measure your results and ROI with fastfynd™ Analytics and Reports

With fastfynd™ Analytics and Reports, your team can accurately monitor and track your website’s engagement rate, allowing you to understand the value and impact of the fastfynd™ program on your sales and leads generated.

Our reports include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Number of impressions generated through the fastfynd™ program
  • Keyword performance tracking as they move up the rankings on Google and other major search engines
  • Number of calls generated through the fastfynd™ program
  • Number of “Get Directions” on GPS apps and maps
  • Number of forms completed by prospects through the fastfynd™ program
  • Cost per acquisition