Ag Agency


We don't just finance customers. We help attract them.

Focus more time on getting the sale, not financing it.

Let express qualify and fund your customers’ financed purchases. Our in-house evaluation and funding structure means you can eliminate hours or days of paperwork and waiting.

Increase Profits

You’re eligible to retain some of the finance participation on each successful transaction you refer.

More Buying through More Lenders

Our team works with a large network of verified lenders. Your customers’ buying power just increased by 350%! Good for them. Good for you.

Create relationships and return customers

We make the process quick and easy so that your customers will want to come back to you again and again.

Fast Implementation

It only takes a few moments to use our API to get started. Your website won’t need a redesign for seamless integration.

Apply Now, Get an Answer Now


Online, by phone, or through email.


Business owner with at least four transactions per month.


Technology that’s safe and crash proof.