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i-Three is built on three guiding principles.

Integrity is the foundation and the backbone of our i-Three name. There are many elements to achieving and having integrity. For i-Three, we define integrity as doing what we say we will do and doing what is right. Our business practices and digital marketing strategies for the agriculture industry have and will always live up to a standard of integrity. When we say we will increase web, social media traffic and generate leads, we will and will do it with high ethical standards.

Innovation is promoted and rewarded in our environment. Innovation is essential for the ability of i-Three to provide unique digital marketing solutions for our client. Our team has proven they can develop marketing and website lead conversion innovation that is revolutionizing how clients attract customers. We gain exceptional results by developing technologies, strategies, methodologies, and processes that innovate digital for companies in the agriculture equipment industry.

Inspiration rounds out our guiding principles. Our team is passionate about helping clients win customers. i-Three looks to inspire our clients to think differently about how they acquire new customers and talk to ones they already have.

Our Team

Our team members have distinguished themselves in the digital marketing arena for the digital marketing results they’ve been able to achieve. Through the specialization of our team members, we’re able to develop and deliver innovative marketing solutions.

Our Delivery

Every digital strategy delivered by i-Three, is scrutinized by our Statement of Work (SOW) Steering Committee. Senior professionals from each of our core competencies make up our committee. This process guarantees consistency and the delivery of a best practices solutions.

The specialized teams collaborate on all phases of each opportunity to ensure we deliver a custom solution for each client, not just a cut-and-paste style marketing strategy. This process guarantees the delivery of best practices solutions that meet each client’s individual marketing goals.